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Monel 400

Monel 400

Monel 400 Executive standards:

Monel 400 ASTM B164 (rod, wire), ASTM B564 (forgings, such as flanges, elbows, etc.), ASTM B127 (plates, strips) ASTM B165 (seamless pipes)

monel 400 pipe PMI

Corrosion resistance and main use environment of Monel 400 :

Monel 400 (UNS N04400) is a kind of water, chemical solvents, ammonia sulfur chloride, hydrogen chloride, various acidic media such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, organic acid, alkaline media, salt and molten salt. Nickel-based alloy material with good corrosion resistance.

The corrosion resistance of UNS N04400 is generally better than that of nickel and copper. It is more resistant to corrosion by reducing media than pure nickel, resistant to corrosion by oxidizing media than pure copper, and has very good corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and carbon. In particular, it is resistant to hydrochloric acid corrosion and also has excellent corrosion resistance to hot concentrated alkali. Monel400 alloy has corrosion resistance in fluorine gas, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and their derivatives. At the same time, it is more corrosion resistant than copper-based alloys in seawater.

UNS N04400 under acid medium

UNS N04400 is corrosion resistant in sulfuric acid with a concentration of less than 85%. UNS N04400 is one of the few important materials that can withstand hydrofluoric acid. Water corrosion: Under most water corrosion conditions, M400 alloy not only has excellent corrosion resistance, but also pitting corrosion and stress corrosion are rarely found, and the corrosion rate is less than 0.025mm/a.
The maximum temperature of UNS N04400 continuously working in the air is generally around 600℃, and the corrosion rate is less than 0.026mm/an in high-temperature steam. Ammonia: Due to the high nickel content of Monel 400 alloy, it can withstand corrosion under anhydrous ammonia and ammoniating conditions below 585℃.

UNS N04400 is a deformable nickel-copper nickel-based alloy with good seawater corrosion and chemical corrosion resistance, and strong chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance. This alloy is one of the few alloys that can be used in fluoride. It has good resistance to oxide stress cracking corrosion in fluorine gas medium, such as sea water and salt water environment.
Monel400 also has very good corrosion resistance in medium-concentration alkaline and salt solutions.

UNS N04400 has good mechanical properties

Widely used from low temperature to high temperature, Ken has good welding performance and medium to high strength.

Monel 400 Monel alloy is a corrosion-resistant alloy with good overall performance. In fluorine gas, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and their derivatives, the alloy has good corrosion resistance. The alloy is widely used in marine, chemical and other fields. Typical applications include: pumps and propeller shafts; marine devices and fasteners; chemical equipment; gasoline and fresh water tanks; crude oil stills; processing vessels and pipelines; boiler feedwater heaters; replacement Heater.

Monel 400 is mainly used in the fields of chemistry and petrochemical industry and marine development. It can be used to manufacture various heat exchange equipment, boiler feedwater heaters, petroleum and chemical pipelines, containers, towers, tanks, valves, pumps, etc.

monel 400 seamless pipe, fittings, flanges

We supply Monel 400 seamless pipes, elbows, size heads, flanges, regular specifications we have stock and can produce according to customer requirements. Our company provides on-site inspection videos and issues EN10204 3.1 inspection reports, and can accept and cooperate with third-party inspections.

10" SCH60 seamless monel 400 for the project of U.A.E

seamless monel
monel pipe
10 inch sch60

seamless monel 400 fittings for the project of U.A.E

400 fitting
seamless fitting
monal fitting

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