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stainless steel fabrication

stainless steel fabrication , we can carry out pipeline design, prefabrication management, pipeline cutting, pipeline groove processing, welding, logistics, anti-corrosion paint, pipeline flaw detection and other work according to the customer’s drawing requirements.
Pipeline engineering is divided into pipeline prefabrication, so the quotation does not include on-site prefabrication and on-site installation.
Advantages of pipeline prefabrication: it is convenient to coordinate and control the quality, progress and management in our area, reduce the workload of on-site prefabrication and on-site installation, and greatly improve the installation, quality and progress of the whole project.

stainless steel fabrication
stainless steel fabrication
piping solution faberication

purpose of pipeline prefabrication

The main purpose of stainless steel fabrication is to reduce the installation quantity on site, so as to improve the installation efficiency and the construction quality of pipeline.

1. For pipelines with special materials, such as Hastelloy, titanium and other precious metal materials, the installation quality requirements are high, especially for the installation environment and surface pollution prevention requirements. If the pipeline is directly constructed on site, these special protection measures and environment are difficult to meet the requirements.

2. The pipeline between combined equipment, such as compressor unit system pipeline, is usually prefabricated in the factory by the equipment manufacturer according to the equipment positioning due to the high requirements for internal cleanliness of such pipeline and the complexity of pipe distribution.

3. Pipe sections with special structures, such as jacketed pipes with strict requirements and pipes with special structure inside, can be prefabricated by manufacturers with mechanical processing due to limited on-site prefabrication and processing capacity.

4. For pipes with lining, such as carbon steel lined PTFE pipes, these pipes are generally prefabricated and lined directly by the manufacturer with lining capacity entrusted by the owner according to the design drawings, and certain adjustment pipe sections are reserved for prefabrication and installation on site.

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